Where there’s a Will, there’s a way… The Will Way

A lot of people can probably agree that will writing is something that they put off for fear of not wanting to face it – it seems like such a scary and daunting process – but when you think about it, it’s something that HAS to be done.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to announce we now have a will writing company in our immense array of members, please welcome Jodie Lawton to the family!

By offering a comfortable, friendly and open service, Jodie can really make you feel at ease during a process that can usually be confusing and for some, upsetting. No matter what you talk about, it will always be kept in the strictest confidence and nothing will be set in stone until you are 100% satisfied that everything you need has been sorted.

“I became a will writer because I know first-hand how important wills can be,” Jodie explains.

“Without them, grieving partners, children and families may be left with all kinds of legal administrations.

“In some cases. families may not be legally allowed to unlock assets at all! That simply isn’t right – and all honestly, I believe there is a lot of confusion surrounding wills. Your will doesn’t have to be something you think about at the last minute. What’s more, writing your will doesn’t have to be scary, or rigid, or complex.”

Jodie understands the problems that people may face if there is no will in place, for example families and parents already struggling with grief will find themselves with mounds of paperwork and costs they may not be able to afford if there is not the correct will in place to help.

With years of experience behind her as a professional will writer, Jodie will be able to answer any queries with the utmost consideration and empathy for all situations.

“A will that isn’t written with care and attention can make lives very difficult. I want to help people avoid this kind of difficulty.

“As an experienced will writer and qualified accountant I’m in a great position to offer genuine empathy and support throughout the whole process.

“I’ll give you the time you need to make your final decisions and write your will for you. I work with people of all ages and from all backgrounds – it’s so important to protect what’s yours, and what belongs with your family.”