Welcome to Camphill Wakefield…

This not-for-profit organisation based in Newmillerdam creates community settings where families, young people and adults, many with learning disabilities, can live, learn and work together in an atmosphere of mutual co-operation, care and respect.

Camphill is inspired by the ideas of Rudolf Steiner and developed by Dr. Karl König, the founder of Camphill. It is based on the spiritual uniqueness of each person, regardless of their differences.

It is a worldwide movement dedicated to building communities where everyone can find purpose and belonging. A group of refugees led by Dr. Karl König founded the first Camphill community in Aberdeen in 1940, they found their purpose living and working with children with learning disabilities. At that time people with learning disabilities were excluded from education and many other parts of society. Camphill took the opposite approach and created communities where the individuality and potential of every young person was developed.

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