Tagtiv8 are changing the way children learn

Tagtiv8 was created back in 2012. Why? As teachers and school leaders, the team love to learn!

However, they hate sitting down for long periods of time. Sadly, many schools focus only on English and Mathematics – with certain subjects put to one side. In some schools, subjects are taught in boxes – and they believe that this is not how we learn best.

Their mission is simple – to create educational resources and training that develop confidence in key areas of the curriculum through physical activity.

With a background rooted in teaching and school leadership, Tagtiv8 can empathise with teachers and children alike.

They want high academic standards, but not at the expense of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Tagtiv8 is neither Sport or PE, nor is it a scheme of work for Mathematics or English, it is all about moving and learning in all subjects.