Start-up support with AD:VENTURE

AD:VENTURE provides fully funded (Free to you!) support for people looking to start and grow a business.

Supporting start-ups and young businesses

AD:VENTURE is here to help make your business start-up a success!

They provide free support to people starting a new business, or for those who have a young business (Under 3 years of trading) and want help to grow.

How is it free? It’s because the programme is fully funded by partners from across the region. You can see more information about partners in the FAQs page.

So – What do they offer and how can you register for our support?

Below is a list of all of support services with a brief summary of what they can offer!

AD:VENTURE – Growth Programme

This programme is ideal for businesses who are trading with other businesses and who want to build the business and grow the team.

AD:VENTURE – Start Up West Yorkshire

Want to start a business? Or running a business that’s been actively trading less than 3 years?

This programme is for anyone looking to become self-employed in any capacity, for those that are starting a business to consumer enterprise (B2C – Retail or services sold direct to the public) Freelancers, creatives, makers, consultancy, hospitality, an online shop, or whatever business you are in!

Start Up Leeds – Leeds Library and BIPC 

This programme of support is aimed at Leeds residents wanting to start a new business, or needing help to grow your new businesses, and operates from the Leeds Library and a range of other library hubs across the Leeds district.

ACCELERATE at Leeds Beckett University

This programme is perfect for B2B businesses who are trading and want to grow and improve their business.


If you’re aged 18 to 30, thinking you might start your own business and live in the UK then The Prince’s Trust Explore Enterprise programme could be for you!