So much more than just your average coffee shop…

In a world filled with global warming, underpaid workers and price inflations, it really is hard to see how you can do your bit to help the planet. So, imagine when we tell you that you can support farmers, help the environment and save a penny or two all by buying one cup of coffee – that’s right; KRAFT Koffee can!

Their specialty coffee and distinctive brewing methods not only ensure you will be supplied with a tasty cup of joe, but you can do your part to save the world – that’s two perks, just from one cup.

Let’s start at the very beginning, they buy their beans from North Star Roast. A sustainable and trusted supplier of the finest quality coffee beans who over the years has built strong and trusted relationships with small coffee producers across the globe at fair and reasonable prices to ensure the farmers are taken care of financially.

Filling up landfills? No thanks – that’s not the vibe, which is why every single one of KRAFT’s takeaway cups are compostable, meaning that when you’ve finished with them, they have another life beyond serving you with tasty, honest coffee.

Do you care about the environment and do everything you can to make a difference? Well, that’s why they offer a bring-your-own-cup discount for anyone who turns up with their own travel mug. Just a little thank you for also caring about the planet.