Need help in achieving your goals?

Whether it’s in your professional or personal life, GAP Coaching will work with you to identify your goals, then build a plan to achieve them.

Gareth has a wealth of experience across many industries. Having occupied senior management roles in retail and banking, he now runs his own business and helps others to achieve their potential.

He takes a ‘whole life’ approach to coaching, helping people to achieve their goals within the context of their wider world, rather than just focusing on one small area at a time.

What does GAP Coaching offer?

Leadership Coaching

Unlock the potential of your team. Do you feel that you could support your team to achieve better results? Are there people within your team who take up a lot more of your time and attention than others? Do you spend too long carrying out tasks that could be delegated? Would you like a more positive culture within your team?

Business Coaching

What do you want from your business? Is it growth in profitability? Is it more time to live your life? Is your focus the bottom line, or your quality of life, or – probably – both? We can help to provide the focus needed to reach those objectives. We have a wealth of experience across many industries.

Resilience Coaching

Is your mindset preventing you from achieving your potential? Do you have clear objectives for the next year, three years, ten years? What obstacles are stopping you from achieving those goals? We focus on increasing psychological resilience, overcoming stress and anxiety, and achieving your goals.