Microbar Bier Huis has got something for everyone

Long-standing We Are Wakefield members, Bier Huis are the number one retailer in Wakefield for real ale, craft beer, cider and spirits!

Alongside being a retailer of over 400 beers, 50 Gins, 80 ciders and more this unique venue is home to a microbar where you can try and buy.

Located in Ossett with free parking outside, they offer a number of tasting events for a perfect local night out. With Britain’s biggest choice of Yorkshire ale and an amazing selection of Yorkshire beers & the best of UK, Belgium Germany and more, Bier Huis can’t wait to welcome you and show you their vast array of choices on offer.

Can’t get to the store? Then get your ales by mail with free local delivery on all orders over £30 and UK-wide shipping supplied by a courier.

It all started on January 26th 2011 with a “flash in the pan” idea which led to “can this be done?”

The plan was created and the hunting began for a suitable venue, where customers far and wide could to get to and park with ease. A place to where brewers from across the North could deliver. The name was created after realising that “Yorkshire Bottle” is a gas bottle company in Doncaster.

They thought of something different and what better than Beer House but wanted to give it that Belgium/Dutch feel and so Bier Huis was born. After much empty shop hunting, for one which ticked all the boxes, the place in Ossett was signed and sealed – although it took time!

Make sure to check out this award-winning company and the vast variety of beverages they have on offer: Bier Huis.