Fitness can be so much more than your friend through YFN Global…

We’re still at the beginning of the year and a lot of us have vowed New Year’s resolutions towards our health and fitness. Some of us are healthy and take care of their fitness all year round, irrespective of where you are, what you do and how you feel, YFN Global can help you to reach your goal – and that’s not just for a personal goal.

Whether it’s individual training or collectively as an employer for your workforce to uplift spirits, well-being and engagement You Fitness Network csn help uo do more, and be more.

With a plethora of highly qualified nutritionists and fitness coaches, this brand has all the experience needed to put you through your paces and create the best version of yourself.

But YFN Global was born from something more powerful than just fitness, Founder and CEO, Alexandra Forrest, explains why:

“A few years ago, I suffered from a series of mental traumas, which resulted in a diagnosis of chronic depression. Not pleasant, I can tell you.

“Even now, that part of my life is still foggy and not a place to which I’d want to return to. Sadly, this is becoming all too common.

“Aside from the support of my family, the only way in which I could look forward to temporary relief was when I exercised.

“As I walked through the doors at my local gym, I was transported to a different place, I was in a different mindset. My endorphins were pumped up, resulting in the feel-good transmitters rushing through my brain. For that period of time, I did not worry or analyse the ‘what-ifs’.”

Launched in memory of her father, YFN Global was born through Alexandra, and aims to provide so many more benefits than just getting healthy physically.

This cost effective, convenient and fun way to take care of your fitness, health and well-being goals can all be achieved from the comfort of your own home or workplace.