Looking for promotional products to make your company official? Direct Marketing has you covered

Are you wanting to create that lasting impression with your brand? Something your clients can take away and remember you by? Look no further than our newest members, Direct Marketing!

A specialist company based in the heart of the city centre, this merchandising hub creates an everlasting trademark of your brand through bespoke, made to order products.

As members of the British Promotional Merchandise Associations, you can count on Direct Marketing to be reliable traders. With a plethora of high-end brands such as Harrods, Grattan, NSPCC, Amey, and many more, the clientele speaks for itself.

For more than 30 years, Direct Marketing have applied their knowledge and creativity to deliver tangible brand experiences that shape perceptions and inspire customers. The Direct Marketing Agency creates unique promotional products, as well as branded or personalised items. They work with select suppliers to design and source amazing bespoke products.

Unlike any other merchandising specialist, Direct Marketing operate on a 5-step plan ensuring their customers are treated in the best possible way from the very start of their journey. Beginning at Consultation, moving onto Collaboration, Production then begins, followed by a Quality and Compliance check, ending the experience with a full Completion.

Gail Glover, Head of Sales & Business Development, said: “We are pleased to announce that we are new members of We Are Wakefield!

“We are looking forward to engaging and connecting with our fellow members throughout the whole of the Wakefield district.”

Why not take a look at their website to see how they can help build you business – www.directmarketingltd.com