IWTC – Training & Coaching

Are you looking for associate counselling and training in Wakefield? IWTC can help with that.

Ian Wallace has over 40 years experience in sales and corporate environments, personal and business coaching and is a relationships counsellor. He works for numerous local government offices, charities, businesses, health providers and individuals.

His aim is to help companies and organisations to implement a wide range of developmental strategies, with one of his main focuses being taking business conceptions and developing them to get results in achieving end goals.

Why choose IWTC?
Your needs are fully taken into account when you commission them to help you to achieve your goals. At the initial contact with you, they assess, then build a bespoke program tailored to your exact needs and give you a full understanding of what they will supply to make it work.
A fully costed program will be built so you know exactly what you will be commissioning and what the fee will be.

Ian will work with you all of the way through your journey, adopting a team approach to constructing your individual program is at the heart of what he does, and known and recommended for being friendly, approachable, attentive and professional.