How can Community Foundation help?

What they do:

The Community Foundation Wakefield District is an independent charity, created in 2007 to support local community groups and charities in the Wakefield District.

Their mission:

Wakefield District holds a special place in the charity’s hearts and so their mission is to;

Inspire local giving, support communities and change lives!

How they achieve this…

They rely on the generosity of businesses and individuals who care about where they live and work and who want to ‘give something back’. Wakefield District covers a large geographic area and has much to be proud of, however, there are still major pockets of deprivation and it is in these areas that we target by doing the following:

  • Fundraise, create grants and distribute them to local causes
  • Raise funds annually for Fuel Poverty
  • Donate preloved items to people in need via their charity shop, the Community Give Box, at Trinity Walk
  • Sell new and preloved goods to raise funds at the Community Give Box
  • Celebrate local volunteers through our annual Unsung Heroes Awards

Hundreds of charities and voluntary groups work across the district to address inequalities. Community Foundation invest in these groups and help communities thrive via their grants programme. The fund which is currently open is the HARIBO Happiness Together Fund.