We’re here to offer tangible support through our connections with like minded businesses and links into local authority expertise. Our members represent diverse sectors throughout the Wakefield and Five Towns region and together we demonstrate the benefits of locating here.

GrowIN CEO Network

Executive coaching and peer-to-peer leadership development isn’t new, it’s a proven way to gain results in your business.  We are Wakefield, as part of our GrowIN strategy, will help you make better decisions, get better results and become a better leader.

Our comprehensive platform for success features three core elements: valuable perspectives from a trusted group of peers, professional guidance from an accomplished business leader (Chair), and deep insights from subject matter experts.

It’s a proven approach that helps companies to grow.

At the heart of the We are Wakefield experience is the confidential peer advisory group. Once a month, you will meet to work through challenges and opportunities with up to ten, high-calibre executives from non-competing organisations.

Be a part of a group of accomplished CEO’s, MD’s and business owners who can help you focus on what’s most critical to your long-term strategy and growth.

GrowIN Young Leaders Network

Successful leaders know that the greatest investment you can make is in your people. But how do you prepare your rising stars to become your next generation of senior leadership? Consider the GrowIN Young Leaders Network, a dynamic, comprehensive curriculum that provides real world leadership training specifically for the middle manager or brand new entrepreneur who is raw and needs valuable guidance.

Guided by an accomplished business leader and master facilitator, members develop core leadership competencies and the confidence to deliver on company goals.


Attracting more businesses means we create a vibrant local economy. Opportunities to engage with a wider business network equals growth.

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