From a voluntary redundancy, Recent Beans was born!

Following a 20-year career at managerial level for Wetherspoons, Barry Back decided it was his time – so he took voluntary redundancy and is now the founder of local hand roasted coffee company, Recent Beans.

Living by the belief that coffee is best served fresh, Recent Beans follows a strict ‘we roast our beans to order’ policy, ensuring that freshness and quality is guaranteed through every purchase.

“I’ve always been interested in coffee,” explains founder Barry.

“I’ve never understood why the biggest selling coffees at the supermarket are also the ones that have been stored for months or years on a shelf.

“When Wetherspoons offered me the chance to take voluntary redundancy, I knew what I wanted to do.”

Barry truly is inspired by coffee and explains that coffee tastes different in the first two weeks after it’s roasted.

“Fresh coffee has flavour notes that will disappear if stored too long and the coffee extracts so much better fresh. Once you’ve tasted really fresh coffee, you never return to old beans.”

In fact, Barry is so confident that this is the case and knows how good fresh coffee is, he encourages all his customers to use his beans within the first 2 weeks.

Recent Beans don’t charge for 1st class delivery, they do this so that they can get their freshly roasted beans to you as fast as possible, ensuring great taste with every sip. Bulk ordering isn’t recommended either, which is why there is no minimum order for free delivery – that really is commitment to the perfect cup.