2022 is the year of We Are Wakefield…

Our biggest change this year is the appointment of our new Managing Director, Claire Sutherley.

With over 20 years of experience in the business sector, Claire has the knowledge, skills and know-how to making a business work.

Having lived and worked in the Wakefield and Five Towns District for many years, she understands the local economy and how to help SME’s, alongside large national companies and global brands.

Claire is taking the front seat in the We Are Wakefield wheels, to drive the company to huge successes. She has already implemented and executed so many objectives in her first week, with her yearly plans set to spear-head the market.

Her inbox is always open for new and existing members to talk about anything they need, and she means anything. Struggling to get clients? Want to know where you can find support? Just need someone to chat to? Get in touch with Claire and claire.sutherley@wearewakefield.co.uk!

“I am here to discuss with everyone what their vision is and how we can help you get there.
” I’m going to create a valuable, engaging network of support for businesses in the Wakefield District, a way of connecting businesses and building a community environment.”

Our Social Media Executive is now a permanent member of the We Are Wakefield team!

Having started with company back in July, Megan was appointed on a temporary contract, but has since shown her skills and talents and we are now thrilled to have her as part of our permanent team.

Many of the existing members will already have chatted to Megan, whether it has been through email, video chat, or at one of our events. Although in the background, she plays a vital part of the We Are Wakefield team, and makes sure that all staff, trustees, and board members and our network and connected.

Megan is here to promote your business in any way she can. With years of experience in the marketing industry, she can roll with any idea you give her or come up with an original proposal for you.

Need some social media support? She can help with that too. Together with you, she can help you plan posts and get the most out of social media to make the most out of the current market.

“I’ve got so many skills from design to marketing to social media to creative writing, I can help large and small businesses get the most out of what’s on the current market.
“Media and marketing is an ever and fast-changing industry, so I make sure to keep on top of trends which some people might not have the time to, that’s why I can help people.”

Make sure to get your ticket to our 2022 Vision Networking Event this February…

Not a member but want to come along to see what we’re about? All non-members get the chance to visit one of our events for free!

Follow this link to grab your ticket now: We Are Wakefield’s 2022 Vision Networking Event Tickets, Fri 4 Feb 2022 at 09:30 | Eventbrite