This session will cover the fundamentals of what is carbon and carbon dioxide, The relationship between nature and gaseous carbon dioxide with the carbon cycle and so why it’s so important to maintain the balance in nature, Other greenhouse gases that are included in the term carbon – whether they contain carbon or not, The impact of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases on the warming of the planet and why the presence of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere causes global warming, The practical implications for businesses, communities, organisations and individuals of curbing greenhouse gas emissions and what can we really do, or what difference can it really make. The benefits of cutting carbon emissions for the business; so for example how reducing energy use results in lower costs, or how introducing renewable energy sources increases security of supply and reduces reliance on the grid, Enhance reputation and increased profits from a larger market, securing your future in the future market that is increasingly turning away from non-environmentally friendly businesses and businesses that support fossil fuels, Investors they will no longer invest where fossil fuel industry forms part of the investment and Measuring, Reducing and Reporting on your carbon emissions.

This workshop will be delivered by Chief Carbon Reduction Engineer Dr Torill Bigg –

 Tunley Engineering