Find out how to effectively secure and implement funding to grow your business.

Getting in shape to apply for finance

  • Guidance on documentation needed
  • Why this is important
  • What benefits it can bring to everyday business


The power of a cash-flow forecast

  • Use as a planning and monitoring tool
  • Role within budgeting

Asset Finance: Not what you first thought

  • Various non-mainstream ways that asset finance can be used
  • Range of assets that can be financed – broader than expected

Your dream may be reality

  • Using brokers at idea or planning stage to assess viability
  • Importance of taking time out of the month to consider the positive impact that finance can have on growth
  • An insight into the mind of an underwriter
  • Hiring vs. financing

This workshop will be delivered by James Robinson of Next Step Asset Finance and Gareth Allen of GAP Coaching.